About NVLT

Launched in the Spring-Summer of 2017, NVLT is a new brand aimed at millennials who are looking for quality yet design conscious outerwear meant for everyday life. Fabric quality and comfort is crucial. Subtle detailing such as pockets, drawstrings and colored hardware make the minimalist brand stand out in its aesthetic.

About our company

AJG APPAREL Inc. is a Montreal-based company that began in 1944 with a single focus: quality, fashionable outerwear. We have been designing and producing outerwear for decades. We created the Novelti house brand in 1983. Today, NVLT is one of the best-known and most widely available women’s coat brands in North America. NVLT is part of the ‘sisterhood’ of women’s outerwear brands created and produced by our company. Our fashion outerwear brands are available at leading retailers throughout Canada, USA, UK and Europe.